I've been thinking about the use of Gateways in paranormal/sci-fi writing. The word seems to be used all the time. We do need it for these types of stories. But I've been pondering different ways to say the word and mean the same or a similar thing. In my Tales of Lochnire series I call it a Portal, but it truly is. It's a way into the past similar to the Stargate, though in these particular stories it leads to different time periods in the same timeline, and not other universes or worlds. In Barefoot Dancer, I call it an Energy Vortex, similar to a wormhole. But the word, Vortex has a much deeper meaning in this story.
This led me to think about my newest story, Distant Vision. Right away, I didn't want my hero, Alex to come through the tried and true "Gateway." But yet he does come from somewhere, and not from any time space of this world! So I thought about the word "Rift" a crack in the dimensional space that allows him entry. So far this is working, but just as with any plotting idea, it could change if I come up with a better idea. If anyone else has a different word I'd like to hear it. A Gateway can even be a mirror (as in Through the Looking Glass). What word would you use instead of Gateway? Do you have a favorite of your own?


Mona said...

I feel like I'd like to escape through a Gateway sometimes! There are several different words to use for this but most of them have been overused a lot in sci-fi. I like your Rift word. I don't think it is overused, not yet anyway.

Julie Kellerman said...

Gateways is used a lot. How about using something from your own research--time distortion or divergent parallel lines--something like that. But there you go-- I like Rift too. It's a good choice.