What's in a Story?

Lately, I've been busy working on a new story. The other day I was at my favorite cafe drinking an iced coffee (Yikes! has it been hot here) and ideas started pouring in faster than I could write them down. When that happens, I get the idea down first then start working on my characters. I say characterization is probably the most important aspect of fiction, especially a romance. Sometimes I get vague snippets of a character and other times I get several traits at once. Usually pieces of the story's plot will materialize first with a character or characters in it. I see them doing things, reacting, that sort of stuff. But that doesn't mean the story or the character is even there yet. But, hey--everything starts with ideas, right? So I'll let the story roll around for a while then I'll pull my characters out and work on who they really are.
More on this later...


Cate S. Miller said...

Hey Kaye, I'm up late too. And I just wanted to comment on how characters come to be. For me, I usually get this great idea for a character and then I build the story around him or her. But sometimes, I get the plot first. Just depends I guess. Anyway, glad you're blogging. Later on, I'd like have a discussion about the Alice Orr method of character development you've talked about on Write Your Heart Out. Cate

Kaye Manro said...

I'm listening, Cate. And I do like Alice Orr's methods. I tend to create characters that way, with my own methods added to it. I'll do a post discussing this subject soon. Thanks for bringing it up. Kaye