A Rare Treat

Ahh, summer days in August and the fruits are at the peak of flavor. I just finished eating a juicy cantaloupe and all I can say is how delicious! The experience was so rewarding that a scene popped into my head from one of my latest stories. And because I feel like sharing, and I can't offer anyone a slice of this wonderful melon, I'll share the scene:

...“Here’s something—melons. I have melons. I bet you can eat this. I know iguanas love them.”
Taking a pitted tan ball from the cold box, she placed it on the counter. Then with a sharp pointed blade, she cut it into pieces. The inner core of the mel-in looked juicy and succulent.
“Here, eat.” She handed him a slice.
He hesitated squinting at the alien sustenance.
“Go on, it’s good. It’s called a cantaloupe.” She picked up a piece and took a bite.
He did the same. A surprise, the orange nourishment was a rare treat, delicious, cool and palatable with a sweet taste. So there were foods to sustain him on this world. He ate heartily, picking up more pieces until he had devoured the entire ball...

ENDANGERED, Copyright © 2007

Now go have some tasty summer fruit of your choice!
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Dianne Pauley said...

Hi Kaye, I can hardly believe that summer is coming to a close and with it goes the freshest of the fruits and veggies. I will miss them this winter. I must say, based on the excerpted dialogue my interest in your story piqued. I would love to know more about your characters and how they interact. This sounds like a story I'd be interested in reading.

Melissa Leavitt said...

Hi Kaye,

I'm with Dianne. Your dialogue has got me hooked. What's next?

Happy writing,

Kaye Manro said...

Thanks girls. I'll post more of that particular story later. I'm also think of expanding it. It's completed to the novelette stage now. It's where I'm targeting it that will make the difference as to how long it will end up. Or if I decide to do a part two or not. Kaye