Parallel Timelines

While doing research for the sci-fi paranormal stories I write, I followed the idea of parallel timelines to many different scientifically researched theories, and also ones contained in science fiction. The following is a fascinating concept, and is the idea behind the sub-plot for several of my stories.

The opening of a
sixth-dimensional time gate invariably leads to the creation of a divergent timeline. The term "time travel" is misleading, since one is traveling between two different Universes, not two different time periods within the same Universe.
One way to think about parallel timelines is to think of them as echoes of one's own timeline. (As it is in Barefoot Dancer) At regular intervals, an exact duplicate of the past exists at each multiple of the temporal cycle. Travel through a sixth-dimensional time gate brings a time traveler into one of these "temporal echoes" or parallel timelines, not into the actual past. Each of these parallel timelines is identical in every way to the original timeline, up to the point at which the timeline opens into it.

While traveling to a parallel timeline does not allow time travelers to change their own past, sixth-dimensional travel opens up many other opportunities. The ability to go into a past timeline and influence events is almost as satisfying as changing one's own past, with the added benefit of avoiding the phenomenon known as the "temporal paradox" that is depicted in many fictional accounts of time travel. (That is changing your own timeline and perhaps even deleting your own self) So, for Barefoot Dancer I didn't want a time travel story, but one that happens in a parallel world. Thus, the setting looks to Kim (heroine) like 70 or so years in the past according to her own time space. Yet it is actually not in her timeline but a parallel.

So there you have it. How would it be to travel to another parallel timeline? What would the people be like? Would they be just like us or different? What kinds of technological advances have they made if any? Alternatively, like Michael's (hero) parallel world, certain ones have learned to manipulate matter and energy, but they also live a very simplistic lifestyle, similar to our 1930's. What would you do if you could go there? How would you get back? Curious seeds for the creative mind to ponder... Let me know your ideas on this.
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Julie Kellerman said...

Hmm, parallel timelines-- this is a really good explanation. Remember the TV show Sliders? This must be where they got their idea of 'sliding' through different dimensions. I loved that show. What would I do if I traveled through a parallel timeline? Well first, I'd hope to meet a hunky hero! Julie

Michelle S. said...

Yep, meeting a hunky hero would be my first thought too. Then I'd explore the diminsion and see what the differences were. Getting back home? That might pose a problem if you couldn't find another gateway. But maybe you, or your heroine if it is a story you are creating, would decide to stay there.

Kaye Manro said...

I like Sliders too, Julie. And hunky heroes? That's what Kim, the heroine in Barefoot Dancer is doing--meeting the hunky hero, Michael, and exploring the place. Though she doesn't know right away that she's actually in a parallel world. And she wants to get back home, but can't find a way. Thanks, Michelle. good ideas are always out there for all of us! Kaye

diannawv said...

I really like this one very much. You are a fantastic writer and I can't wait to purchase one of your books.

Kaye Manro said...

Wow, Dianna. Thanks for saying that. You are surely invited to my launch party! Kaye

Johnny said...

I am so impressed with this. And with your knowledge of parallels. Thanks for putting in a link. Such good information for sci fi writers.

Johnny said...

As I always say there's nothing like research to make a story the best it can be. After good writing, of course!