The New Crop

Pictured above is the setting for Barefoot Dancer: A quaint little fishing village along the coast of what looks like Maine some 70 years in the past.
If you are an unpublished romance writer and have a full manuscript (novel of at least 40K words) completed, RWA's Golden Heart contest is the place to showcase your work, in case you didn't know. If you happen to final or win, you can bet an offer for a publishing contract will follow. And depending on your sub genre, it will probably be from one of the biggies like Harlequin, who are always searching for the latest crop of new writers. Placing in this contest is proof positive that you can actually write, for them and for yourself. Deadline isn't until November, so to all aspiring romance writers--get that novel polished and submit it! Kaye
See RWA link below.


Julie Kellerman said...

Good idea, Kaye! Thanks for the heads up about the GH. I always remind struggling writers to enter that contest. They also give good feedback, which can be really valuable. Julie

Michelle S. said...

Are we all here on blogspot tonight? Hi Julie, Michelle here. Yes, the Golden Heart is the best contest for pre-published romance writers to enter. (as Nocturne author, Caridad calls those yet to be published.)Thanks to Kaye for remembering it. M

Michelle S. said...

And by the way, Kaye I love, love, love that quaint photo of the Maine coast. It looks so retro. I guess it fits the setting for your Barefoot Dancer novel quite well! M

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Julie and Michelle! You guys really did stop by and post comments! Thanks. I was in the noon chatroom at eharlequin today with Caridad. She is really cool. She talked about her idea of pre-published, and it's such a nice way to put it. She said that if a writer really wants it bad enough, she will become published... What a great thought... more on the chat topics in a later post. Kaye