Just Do It

What we do instead of writing starts with the letter P. And speaking of the P word-- you know that enemy of all writers, the killer of the muse. It's Procrastination. It's everything we do to keep from writing... even if we don't realize we are avoiding it. (Michelle L. I'm thinking about you too!)

Romance author Christina Skye says,

Don't let yourself sharpen pencils! Sharpening pencils is what you do when you tell yourself, "I'll get to the computer as soon as I've,"--add your own excuse here: vacuumed the floor, walked the dog, raised the kids, researched one more item, whatever--. Instead, put yourself in the chair, turn on the computer and make your fingers move! A writer writes.

And so that goes for all of us, writers write --just do it!

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Cate S. Miller said...

Procrastination is a real problem for a lot of us. Not only with writing, but with other things in life too.