Distant Vision

It’s my latest character hero, Alex (working name so far) he continues to bother me to create his plot and storyline and bring him to life. I keep saying, okay, okay I will get to it, but first I have to finish the edits and rewrites on another story that is almost ready for submission.

‘Alex’ literally skateboarded into my life, several weeks ago (for real) and wouldn’t let me rest. No, not a new relationship, just someone I ogle from afar from time to time, and then I came up with all sorts of interesting hero ideas pivoting around him—his looks, etc.

So, based on this drop-dead gorgeous real-life guy, and my own curve for writing paranormal stuff I did a little creating and formed a plan for his story premise:

“‘Alex of the Light Power’ rides a lightning bolt through a dimensional rift following a Distant Vision (story title) that won’t stop bothering him. He ends up in the seedy backstreets of Hollywood and can’t remember who he is or why he is there.”

A start to a vision that won’t let me rest! So what do you think? Do you like the idea so far? Actually, I have more written, but I won’t share it just yet. It’s too new...


Anonymous said...

Interesting idea. When you're ready I'd like to see how you develop his vision and how the plot will unfold.


Kaye Manro said...

Good question, Elaine. I've been thinking about that very thing--his vision. Well of course it somehow involves the heroine...flaxen-haired beauty surrounded by a thick ominous darkness... something in that direction.

johnny said...

While I'm here I'll comment about 'Distant Vision'. I tried to post a comment but I don't think it show up, so I'll post again. I like this idea for a paranormal story concept. I would like to see how this goes as you create it. John

Marilyn said...


I love this idea. You are such an awesome, talented writer. Reading more of this story will be fun.